School Year (September-May)
Wednesday Nights 6:30pm to 8:10pm
(June- August)
Wednesday nights 6:15pm to 7:30pm


6th grade through 8th grade


  • Hang Out (Pool, Gym, Wii, Ping-pong, Chess, Cards, etc) – 15 minutes
  • Game (Steal the Bacon, Dodge ball, etc) – 15 minutes
  • Large Group (Announcements, videos, teaching, etc) – 15 minutes
  • Small Group (Divided by grade & gender) – 30 minutes
  • Hang Out (See above) – Rest of time


Middle School is a tough age for any kid regardless of school, abilities, or family background.  All students goes through a phase when they won’t listen to their parent simply, because they are their parent.  Every parent can use other adults speaking into their student’s life the same thing.  This is why your student will be with the same two small group leaders all year.

If a student gets serious about their relationship with God during Middle School then we think a number of things will be true:

  1. They’ll take faith more serious in high school
  2. They’ll influence their friends positively
  3. They’ll be less likely to drop out of church in college


If you have questions about Crossroads or are interested in getting involved please contact Adam Heald for more information.