Like a bridge, the church is meant to connect people. We connect people in four key ways as we fulfill Jesus’ last words to His disciples in Matthew 28:18-20. What is called the “Great Commission” is the mission of every church and every believer. We are told to make disciples everywhere we go, teaching them to obey the commands of Jesus and He promises to be with us always. This is how we articulate that mission for our church. #connect4QC

Connect People to God

We connect people to God through the Gospel of Jesus. The primary purpose of the church is to lead people to a saving relationship with the God who created them. Paul calls this a ministry of reconciliation. (2 Corinthians 5:18-20) He says that in Christ, we have been reconciled to God. The church has a mission of proclaiming the Gospel, the good news, that in Jesus we find redemption, the forgiveness of sin. It was Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross that secures our salvation. It is by grace alone through faith alone in Him alone that we are saved. Would you like to read more about this amazing grace? Click here. It is also our mission to capture the sense of joy and anticipation of nearness to God in and through our worship services. Worship is not about being entertained and singing our favorite songs. It is about entering the presence of the living God with our brothers and sisters in Christ and offering our admiration, affection and joy in praise.

Connect People to Others

We connect people to other believers through discipleship. No one is meant to follow Jesus by themselves! The New Testament is full of commands to walk with our brothers and sisters in community: to love one another, encourage one another, teach one another, challenge one another, and be generous to one another. We believe the most effective means of connecting people to others is through small groups. Small Groups study the Bible together, hang out together enjoying the bonds of friendship, serve together, and care for one another in times of need. The leadership of the church desires that every person is cared for in this way and encourages participation in Small Groups.

Connect People to the Church

We connect people to the church through partnership. In a day and age when institutions are viewed with intense skepticism, we believe it is important to restore a sense of integrity, authority, and appropriateness for people to commit to a local body of believers – a church. Commitment to a local body through partnership, or membership, has historically been an important and significant element of a Christian’s life. We strive to help people understand that partnership with a church is not only good for the church, but good for them as well.

Connect People to Purpose

We connect people to purpose through service. Jesus said He did not come to be served, but to serve. The King of kings came as a servant to all mankind! We believe that as servants of Christ we find our greatest fulfillment in life, our purpose, in service to others. We want the Quad Cities and various regions around the world to be better because of our service; directly through Small Group participation with local non-profit organizations, or indirectly through missionaries we’ve sent out and support. Nothing makes a person enjoy life more completely than pouring it out for others!