During the School Year: Every Sunday Morning during 2nd Service (10:25am till 11:40am)

Regular TreeHouse will resume August 21st, 2017


Kindergarten – 5th Grade



  • Introduction: Share what Tree House is and cover behavior expectations.
  • Worship: High energy time where kid’s get to dance and sing.
  • Welcome: Credible & Comic Host introduce virtue, bottom line, and deal with the Comic Host’s confusion.
  • Intro Sketch: A combination of our 8 characters will be faced with a dilemma related to the bottom line.
  • Rapid Response: Generally like a game show time with the Comic Host and a crowd member.
  • Word: Our Storyteller shares with us the Bible story for the week.
  • Exit Sketch: The resolution from the dilemma introduced in the Intro Sketch.
  • Special Music: Time to dance & sing again to the song of the month.
  • Wrap-Up: Characters from the Sketches share what they learned.
  • Landing: Credible Host reiterates the virtue and bottom line.
  • Pick-Up: Parent’s gather their children so they can ask, “What did you learn and did you have fun?”


We believe Sunday can be the greatest couple hours in a kid’s week so we work hard at creating a great experience for them each time they walk through our doors.  We’ve decided to make sure there is something for every kid on a Sunday morning starting with H20 Live and finishing with Tree House that will help kids learn about God, the Bible, and living out their faith.

Family Experience

We invite parents to come enjoy and experience with their kids a special time to learn about Salvation and/or Baptism.  These are normally called “For Heaven’s Sake” or “The Big Splash”.  At both events we’ll send parents home with “homework” and a DVD to help them continue two very important conversations.  Our hope is that more parents will be able to lead their kid’s into relationship with Jesus and kid’s who have a relationship with Jesus will be prepared to testify to that relationship via baptism.


If you have questions about Tree House or are interested in getting involved please contact Lori Heald for more information.