Life is better together.

We don't believe we were meant to do life alone. We need Biblical community. We need each other!

How does it work?

We've made it pretty simple...

Apply to join a group

We have LifeGroups that meet all over the city, and groups that are designed for people at different stages of life, and even groups with different interests.

Get accepted

After you've submitted your application someone from our team will match you with a group. Next, a group leader will welcome you to their group via email.

Start doing life together

Now, for the good part. You have just been welcomed into a tribe. A group of people who have your back and who will walk your faith journey with you!

"LifeGroups changed my life!"

-Janet M.

We hear statements like this one from Janet all the time! Joining a LifeGroup is one of the best decisions you can ever make when you join our church. It not only connects you with others, but accelerates your spiritual growth!

Types of Groups

We have groups designed for everyone

Stages of Life

We have groups for: youth, young adults, single moms, single dads, seniors, and more!

Bible Study

These groups might do a study on the life of David, dive into the Gospels, or even learn how to study the Bible effectively!

Special Interests

Like walking your dog or playing tennis? These groups meet regularly to do this, as well as, have a time of prayer and devotion together.


These groups tackle topics like: finances, marriage, conflict resolution, how to raise your kids, and so much more!


Active Groups


Groups Members


Group Meetings

Joe & Krystal

"Attending LifeGroups was something we knew we needed to do, but were intimidated at first... We don't regret it for a second! Our faith has grown so much!"

Steven H.

"After my wife passed away life changed so much... I've never felt loneliness like that before. Joining a LifeGroup was the best thing I could have done."

Greg & Sarah

"Soon after getting married we realized there was SO much we needed to learn... Joining the marriage LifeGroup has truly helped our relationship with each other and with God!"

What are you waiting for?

We're all about helping you find family, explore your faith, and discover grace.

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