Devotional Guide

Before you begin

Before beginning any devotional, one should pray. By connecting to the Lord through prayer, you prepare your mind and your heart to hear from Him through His word. Read the passage of the week each day beginning Tuesday, culminating with the sermon on Sunday. Finally, on Monday reflect back over the notes you took throughout the week and during the sermon. It might be helpful if you purchase a notebook or journal of some type to keep all of your notes together.

This week's passage

Luke 8:4-15


How does this passage contribute to the main theme of Jesus’ mission “to seek and to save”? What is the main point being expressed in the passage? Does it change the topic from the previous passage, continue it, or explain it?


What did you observe about Jesus or surrounding characters that reveals something about God’s redemptive plan?


How are, or were, you like the characters in the narrative? How can you relate to them?

In what ways have you displayed attitudes or behaviors described? 


How can turning your attention to Jesus help you overcome these attitudes or behaviors if negative, or be more consistent in them if positive?


Ask the Lord to prepare your heart for worship tomorrow.

Commit to coming with an attentive mind and receptive heart.


Wake up with an anticipation that the God who created you desires to speak to you. He will affirm some of what you've learned throughout the week as well as give you new insights.

Remember the goal is life transformation, not just knowledge accumulation. 


What insights did you gain from the sermon that you had not picked up during your own study?

In what ways has the Lord used your study and the preaching of this passage to convict and challenge you? In what ways are you asking the Lord to change you?

In what ways has this passage affected your certainty about Jesus and His Gospel?

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