Connect Groups

Jesus ministered to His small group of twelve disciples. It is in small groups that sustained life change takes place. We all have experienced events that have had an impact on us, but usually that impact minimizes over time. At Wildwood, we believe small groups are the best environment for sustainable growth and life change to occur. We want to provide a predictable environment to experience community and spiritual growth— a place where people can receive accountability, where they belong and feel cared for. As a result of being in a group, we want people to grow in their relationship with God, to grow in community with believers, and to grow to be a positive influence on unbelievers.

If you participate in our Connect Groups, you should:

  • know the folks in your group really well;
  • grow in depth in your walk with God and other group members;
  • be able to totally be yourself with a group that loves you;
  • see yourself grow in leadership of a group;
  • see your group grow to the point of forming two groups
  • participate with local non-profit organizations in service projects.

Who can join a Connect Group at Wildwood?

Anyone can be a part of a Connect Group.  Connect Groups are a built in aspect of our children’s and student ministries so we strongly encourage adults to join one of our many groups.  There are groups for men, women, and couples.

How do I join a Connect Group?

Most Connect Groups meet from the beginning of the school year/fall to the beginning of summer.

Though Connect Groups typically begin in the fall, we will help you get connected to a group anytime.  If you’re looking for a Connect Group and missed the fall sign up time, please contact Pastor Brian.

Connect Group Resources

We have partnered with a great ministry resource called RightNow Media to bring virtually unlimited resources to every home in our church! We strongly encourage Connect Groups to utilize this resource.