Our mission is to glorify Christ through the arts with a vision to be a Christ-centered ministry that fully utilizes the artistic talents within the church to engage the church body in corporate worship and proclaim the hope of Christ to the world. It is exciting to come together in unity on Sunday mornings and worship the Lord, but our worship goes beyond Sunday mornings. We pray that people will live lives of worship. It is through a lifestyle of worship that one begins to grow in their faith and experience God’s presence like never before.

Ministry Teams

Worship Team

Tech Team

Kid’s Choir


To glorify Christ through the arts.


To be a Christ-centered ministry that fully utilizes the artistic talents within the church to engage the church body in corporate worship and proclaim the hope of Christ to the world.


  • We give up things we love for things we love even more. It’s an honor to sacrifice our time and talents for Christ and His church.
  • We are risk takers, doing everything short of sin to reach people with our art. We will never insult God by thinking small or playing it safe.
  • We always offer our best. Excellence honors God and impacts people.
  • We strive to be relevant. Our goal is to connect to our target audience.
  • We worship in our personal lives. We realize that we can’t lead others somewhere that we’ve never been.
  • We laugh often together. Nothing is more fun than serving God with the people we love!
  • We grow together artistically and spiritually. We see this as vital for sustaining a healthy team.

A Word About Excellence

Psalm 33:3 states, “Sing to Him a new song; play skillfully, and shout for joy.” We believe that God is more than worthy of our best artistic offerings. He doesn’t demand perfection and neither do we. To honor Him, we strive to present the highest quality of music and art that we are capable of producing. We are seeking musicians and artists who are experienced, yet willing to continue to learn and grow; ones who are talented, yet continue to hone their skills for His glory.

A Word About Auditions

Auditions are not about keeping people off the team. They are designed to help people find the right place of ministry on the team! We hold auditions for those interested in joining the Worship Team or Worship Band. An audition will help verify that the desired area of ministry is a good fit for your gifting and talents. If you are interested in either of these two areas, please contact the office.

Worship Team

Thank you for expressing interest in learning more about the Worship ministry!  There are three different ways musicians can serve on Sunday mornings: by being an individually mic’d singer, singing in the choir, or playing an instrument in the band.  We hope to provide a chance for you to serve using your God-give talents to assist in creatively communicating the life-changing message of Christ.

So, you’re interested?

We are excited that you have a desire to use your talents and abilities to serve the Lord here at Wildwood. In order to serve as a mic’d vocalist or in the band, you will need to go through an audition process. This is just to see where you are at musically so we can see what the best fit is for you. If you are interested in auditioning and being involved, please contact the church office.

What? Auditions?! Explain what that involves?

For the vocal audition, you will be asked to have two songs ready to sing. The first will be a song of your choice. For this selection you can either use an accompaniment track or we can have an accompanist available for you. The second song will be a song of our choosing. For this selection, you will be asked to sing the melody and harmonize with a lead vocal.

For your band audition, you will be asked to have two songs prepared. One song will be a worship selection of our choice, and the other will be a piece of your choosing that you feel showcases your personal style and abilities. Your selection for that piece may be chosen from any musical style or genre that you feel best showcases your talents.

We do not require an audition to be a part of the choir.  If you don’t know much about music, that’s okay! We teach a lot in the choir and will help you get started. Just bring your passion to sing and desire to worship the Lord.

Hope to see you involved soon!

Thank you again for your interest in serving on the Worship Team at Wildwood!

Tech Team

Thanks for showing interest in learning more about the Tech Team! Our Tech Team is one of the most vital roles in the Worship Arts Ministry. Each volunteer is incredibly important in helping to communicate the life changing message of Christ each week. We could not do Sunday morning without them. Do you have a good ear? Are you tech savvy? Consider joining the team! We offer training for everything and will get you plugged in right away so that you can start using your gifts for the Lord.

I understand how important this ministry is and want to do whatever I can to help!

If you are interested in being involved in this important ministry, please contact the church office. We look forward to hearing from you and thank you for showing interest in using your technical gifts here at Wildwood!